Neev Motorcycles’ ‘Queen’ Is Here To Seduce You To Death!

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Neev Motorcycles is a well-known custom bike building/ modification outfit based in Delhi, India.  Recently, Neev motorcycles have built one of the best-looking custom motorcycle based on Royal Enfield 500cc and named it “Queen” because of its royal looks and a touch of gold to its overall design, which further underlines its prowess and character.

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One look at this gorgeous machine and it will drool you over with its seductive looks. It’s a kind of motorcycle that God would himself ride. The colours, the textures, the design, the flow, the proportions, everything is simply epic on this Queen.

Neev Motorcycles Queen

This looks like a proper bobber though. That massive sloping tank that flows down towards a very, very lowly positioned seat and the overall rider’s perspective might even buy you bragging rights at a motorcycle show because this is a kind of machine that would even force James Bond to briefly switch over from an Aston Martin.

Neev Motorcycles Queen (1)

According to Neev Motorcycles, the fuel tank is uniquely designed to look novel and it surely does. The custom-painted graphics on the sides with a combination of glossy black and red with golden pinstripes are an absolute crowd-puller.  The fenders, exhausts, covers etc. make up for an eye-pleasing package. The exhaust design, in particular, is something you would rarely see again as it bottoms out at the sides.

Neev Motorcycles Queen (2)

Neev Motorcycles have built this bike from scratch and have designed and built the single-sided spoke wheel and Swingarm assembly in-house with a 240/50 R18 rear tyre 130-60/ R23 front tyre. Those spoked wheels are in a class of their own.

Neev Motorcycles Queen (3)

A certain English music band ‘Queen’ made people go absolutely gaga with their phenomenal, it seems that Freddie Mercury & co. have, to an extent, handed their baton to this Queen and a huge shoutout to Neev Motorcycle for creating this epic product with certain extraordinary craftsmanship touches.


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