NAIAS LIVE: Honda FCEV Concept Fuel Cell Vehicle Showcased


Honda FCEV Concept NAIAS 2014 Detroit (2)

Honda FCEV Concept Fuel Cell vehicle has made its official appearance at the NAIAS 2014 Detroit Motor Show. The Fuel cell vehicle making an appearance at the Detroit Show is essentially the same vehicle which made its public debut at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show a few months back. The FCEV is a showcase of the Japanese technology and the latest developments in Fuel Cell tech

NAIAS LIVE: Honda FCEV Concept

Honda FCEV Concept NAIAS 2014 Detroit

With the FCEV Concept Honda does not intend to showcase something which has future possibility, but aims to show to the world a machine which will reach mass production soon. This car you see in these pictures will see production as early as next year.

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The prototype has a unique design, which is meant to offer superior aerodynamics, while still boasting a capacious cabin. For the FCEV, Honda engineers have developed an extremely compact fuel cell system, which could be placed in the front compartment, thereby taking advantage of the space meant for the engine.

Honda FCEV Concept NAIAS 2014 Detroit (1)

The FCEV Concept, as specified by Honda, in its current form is capable of close to 800 km range. The car, apart from being a technology showcase, is also a fresh experiment in aesthetics from an automotive standpoint.



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