Mumbai Receives ‘COVIDBus’, City’s First Mobile COVID-19 Testing Bus


Mumbai is facing the major brunt of the coronavirus pandemic and is the worst affected city in our country. Despite the state government taking necessary measures to bring the pandemic in control, the situation is still critical with hundreds of positive cases piling up every day. The fact that a country as vast and diverse as India has to take so many crucial steps to curb down the spread of coronavirus is a testimony that the situation has turned very critical. In its efforts to ramp up coronavirus testing in Mumbai, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has launched the city’s first mobile COVID-19 testing bus that will be used for mass screening of people.

More details on the CovidBus

The ‘COVIDBus’ is designed for mass screening by using a combination of detecting fever, O2 saturation & AI-based Xrays for detecting coronavirus. Other necessary equipment will also be made available soon. There will be a small chamber inside the bus where tests will be conducted. This mobile testing facility is developed by the IIT Alumni council, the Brihanmumbai Municipal corporation (BMC) and Krsnaa diagnostics.

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CovidBus 2

BMC has said that the CovidBus will be visiting various slum locations & effectively isolate the high-risk suspects. In the initial phase, the bus is being utilized to conduct more tests on Corona warriors like the police forces, sanitation workers and people who deliver essential services. It is expected to travel to various parts of the city where the virus has wreaked havoc. It is a great effort to increase the testing capacity and in the long run, curb down the spread of Covid-19.


Recently, Navi Mumbai Police took it to twitter to announce that they have transformed some of their police vans into mobile sanitization hubs. These mobile sanitization hubs boast of many advantages, the primary one being their ability to be driven to any point in or outside the city limits where help is needed regarding the sanitization process of the police force in no time. This will certainly help in reducing the overall risk that the police force is exposed to. They have to patrol the whole city to keep the people inside and to main law and order. The police force is also helping out the respective authorities in the distribution of food, medicines and other essential items.

CovidBus 1

With 1,002 new coronavirus cases reported in Mumbai on Tuesday, the total number in the city has surged to 32,791. With the positive cases increasing at such an alarming rate, mobile testing facilities and sanitization hubs can prove to be a boon amidst such turbulent times. Everyone is contributing in this battle against Covid-19 in their own might and the least we can do is, follow the sanitization regime and practice social distancing. It won’t be wrong if we say that the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is the greatest threat the human civilization has faced in recent times and it requires us to handle it very critically and carefully.


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