Mumbai Police Warns Varun Dhawan About His Traffic Adventures; Send Him An E-Challan


We’re sure Varun Dhawan didn’t mean any harm when he clicked a selfie with a fan at a traffic signal while leaning out of the car but Mumbai Police certainly did not appreciate the Bollywood actor’s gesture. Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle warned the actor about his “adventure” at the traffic signal. The tweet said, “These adventures surely work on the silver screen but certainly not on the roads of Mumbai!”

The actor promptly responded and apologized. Dhawan tweeted, “My apologies. Our cars weren’t moving since we were at a traffic signal and I didn’t want to hurt the sentiment of a fan.”

The Mumbai Police replied stating that they’re glad that the Bollywood actor took the message in the right spirit.

A perfect example set by Mumbai Police to prove that law is equal for everyone. What do you have to say about Mumbai Police’s action? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

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  • ZoMbiE says:

    It is not illegal to do so in a stopped vehicles. Our PMs and ministers are waving hands in public roads for show even when the car is moving…doesnt that break the law Mr.? Mumbai police did a shiw off in my opinion.