Mumbai girl who slashed a biker arrested: The full story

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The whole story behind the attack of Irwin Cardozo, a 29-year-old biker who was attacked in a case of road rage, is taking some weird turns. We knew that the trio; identified as Mihika Wadhone, Sidharth Yadav and Mehul Goswami (all aged 21) were drunk during the time of the incident. Cardozo works as a trade commercial specialist at the World Trade Centre. Wadhone is a college dropout, while the main accused, Yadav, is an engineering student. Goswami, meanwhile, is a first year college student.

Biker attacked in malad

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Now, a full six days after the attack took place, new revelations behind this avoidable attack have come forth. Most important revelation is the realisation that the police have finally nabbed the attackers. The on-duty police officer, who failed to take appropriate action at the time of the incident, has now been identified as Ramesh Waghmare. Waghmare was the Assistant Police Inspector at the Malad Police Station the night of the attack. It is now understood that Waghmare asked Cardozo’s brother-in-law, Rohan Roy, to lend some assistance in catching the three accused. It is alleged that he even insisted on settling the matter. Roy said, “Waghmare asked if I could help him trace the accused. We were shocked and didn’t know what to say. I asked how I could help him. He then told me that he was unable to get clues about the accused involved and they were completely new entities for him and asked if I or any of my relatives knew any of their common friends whom they would have contacted while being on run. I told him we would let him know if we come across any such details.”

Irwin-Cardozo biker malad attack

It is understood that Wadhone and Yadav were the primary assailants of the attack, whilst Goswami fled the scene when a crowd gathered. According to Cardozo’s relatives, these locals were the ones who took Wadhone and Yadav, along with Cardozo to the police station. It is also clear that the inspector on-duty didn’t register a FIR against the assailants right away. However, as we said before, the trio were let go after their names and addresses were noted down. According to Senior Police Inspector Shashank Sandbhor of Malad Police, fearing an imminent arrest, a day post the attack (on July 15), the trio managed to flee the city and headed for Nashik. They stayed in the city for a day, before spending two days in Shirdi. The trio then felt that it was safe enough for them to come back to Mumbai, and consequently, contacted a friend. The accused boarded a train from Dadar and got out at Malad railway station.

Malad biker drunk attackers

Mihika Wadhone and Sidharth Yadav have been arrested

Finally, on Sunday (July 19), the police were tipped off about the trio’s arrival back in the Mumbai. The police soon set up a trap for them and as they exited Malad station, accompanied by an unidentified youngster, they were taken into custody. They will be presented at the magistrate’s court in Borivali, today (July 20). The police soon commenced the interrogation of the trio – Wadhone, Yadav and Goswami. According to Wadhone, Cardozo verbally abused Yadav (who was driving) and punched the 21 year-old when he stepped out of the car. Wadhone, apparently, went to her mate’s rescue, but says that Cardozo pushed her away.  She then proceeded to defend herself and hence used the paper-cutter. Goswami, in the meanwhile, got out of the back seat to defend his friends. However, when Wadhone lashed out at Cardozo with the paper-cutter, a crowd started gathering at the scene and Goswami fled.

As far as the biker is concerned, it is now understood that Cardozo is recovering from his terrible wounds. According to his brother-in-law, “Irwin’s fine now but stitches are yet to be removed. He underwent a surgery and doctors also performed a laser procedure to lessen the effect of the cuts so that it doesn’t leave a scar. We will only come to know of the scars only when the stitches will be removed.” Commenting about the arrest made by the police, he said, “The DCP called us to inform that the accused have been arrested. We requested him that they not be released on bail and he has assured that they would prepare a strong case.”

We now know what all those involved in this incident have to say. We know that Cardozo wasn’t drunk, but the accused in the car were. According to the various reports so far, it is becoming increasingly certain that Wadhone slashed the biker with a paper-cutter, and her two drunk friends joined in the fray against the lone biker. However, since Motoroids wasn’t present at the scene of the crime, we aren’t in a position to pin the blame at anyone as of now. That said, the fact that Yadav was driving a car in an inebriated state, itself goes to show that the youngsters weren’t in the right, anyway. We wish the victim a speedy recovery, and hope that the accused get their punishment dished out to them at the earliest.

In the meanwhile, feel free to write to us and let us know about your opinion on the whole matter.

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  • Reeto says:

    Surprisingly it was the girl and not her male companions who slashed the rider with a paper cutter. Guess she was too drunk to even realize what she was up to

  • Gautam Amin says:

    I cannot comment or suggest who is at fault here. Though I agree to Siddharth’s comment – and to add – Amit’s clarification impressed me. However, one question still remains unasnwered – All these years, after ‘n’ number of cases being registered for drink and driving, why are city youths still commiting the crime???

  • Thanks for the comment, Siddharth. We are not indulging into criminal journalism here, nor are we passing any judgement. We are just reporting the events, as they occur, as this incident is of interest and concern for the biking community. Due attribution has been provided for the image source.

  • Kaustav Borah says:

    The trio should be punished…….And they should be kept in jail……!!

  • Siddharth says:

    I see no reason for Motoroids to have pictures of the accused in the article. It is an ongoing investigation and it is highly inappropriate for an automobile website to indulge into criminal journalism. I hope you guys have the appropriate permissions to use the pictures. No offence intended.