Motoroids Video Roundup: Jeep Compass Petrol AT, New BMW 7 Series, Jaguar XE, VW Passat and a Sad Spider Man

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We tried to up the ante this week with pushing more quality videos through the Tube. You can head over directly to our channel on Youtube and subscribe to keep abreast with the latest motoring action. Some links are provided below

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We reviewed the new Jeep Compass Petrol AT in detail. It’s a one of a kind proposition in its segment with a petrol engine, a premium badge and a capable automatic transmission. We are quite sure many of you are interested in knowing how good or bad the new engine-transmission combo is. Do check out the video as it comprises not just the general review but also a 0-100 km/h run in both Drive and Manual modes.

Jeep Compass 1.4 MultiAir Petrol AT Review

Apart from that, we also got to lay our hands on the new 7 series which boasts of a whole gamut of mind blowing luxury and tech features. We did a Youtube Live video session with the car, listing out all its features and demonstrating the amazing wonders that it packs in. We also went live on Facebook with short video and the link to the Live session is embedded right after the Youtube video.

The Mind Boggling Tech and Luxuries of the 7 Series

The new 7 series also get the magical Paking Assistant, which can park your car autonomously – controlling everything, from steering to braking to acceleration. A quick demosntration of the tech is provided below

BMW 7 Series Parking Assistant – highly Advanced Autonomous Parking

The Jaguar XE is a watershed moment for the Indo-British carmaker. The all-new premium compact sedan offers a driving experience which is superior than the German Trio of the C-class, A4 and the 3-series. Sure, there are some downsides too – but we have covered everything about the new XE 2.0 petrol Portfolio variant in this exhaustive review.

Jaguar XE 2.0 Petrol Portfolio – Exhaustive India Review

The Volkswagen Passat is the new flagship product from the German carmaker in India, and it’s bloogy impressive. The sophistication in design, the features and the quality is phenomenal for a car this class. We spend about 300 km with the car and came up with the most exhautive review of the machine you’d find anywhere on the web. Find the video below.

New 2017 Volkswagen Passat India Review

Finally, it wasn’t all happy for us through the week. On our way back from the 7 Series shoot, we stumbled upon a circumstantial Spider Man, one who wished he wasn’t – and we thought we would create a video to let the authorities know about the sorry state of the way people travel in this part of the world. We urge you to share this one, so we could bring the attention of our government to the grave issue of unsafe public transport in India.

The Circumstantial Spider Man – A Sorry Story of our Public Transport

We hope you liked the effort we made this week. To all our loyal readers, we urge you to subscribe to the Motoroids Youtube Channel, as we promise you to bring hi-quality videos of all the machines that matter on a very regular basis. Count on the Free-Revving Species to provide you your daily dose of motoring action from around the world. Rev Hard, Rev Free!

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