Motorist Tries To Follow Obama’s Daughter: White House Locked Down

Motorist in Washington DC tries to follow Barack Obama's daughter into the White House leading to a lockdown of the president's residence: Video and details

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The official residence of American president was temporarily locked down on yesterday with a motorist trying to follow Barack Obama’s daughter in a scure area. The US president’s daughter was traveling with a motorcade into a heavily guarded secure area when the driver followed the motorcade without permission. Naturally, a conspiracy to harm the president’s daughter was suspected and prompt action was taken to ensure that no untowardly incidents happened.

The suspected man was immediately arrested and White House was locked down temporarily to ensure safety of Obama who was in a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry inside. The trespasser who was later identified a Mathew Evan, 55 years old was charged with unlawful entry. Interestingly, the driver holds a pass to the US treasury building next to the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, the place where he was stopped.

White house lockdown

The suspect was driving a grey colored Honda Civic. Authorities and security personnel thoroughly checked the vehicle in question, though nothing has been found on the car. Videos of the incident showed the car with all the four doors, bonnet and boot open. Interestingly, even the journalists inside the White House were locked in, and were told an hour later that the lockdown had been lifted. Here’s a video of the incident

Other White House lockdown incidents have also happened in recent past. First was when a man tried to jump the White House fence. In a second incident, a woman drove a black Infiniti with her 1-year-old child into a security barrier and over a Secret Service officer near the White House. Unfortunately, she did not heed police advice to stop, was pursued and was eventually shot down.

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