Most Expensive and Rarest Car- Wax at GPB 24,000

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Here’s something new and bloody expensive: Car- wax, which cost GPB 24, 000 (!) and only one pot of the substance is in existence making it also the rarest car- wax in the world, currently owned by the car appearance specialist company, Brough & Howarth in London. Coming is a tiny white and grey marble cube, the special car wax is made by tears or the rare and expensive Tibetan yak. No, that’s not true. It’s actually a blend of Brazialin caranauba wax, beeswax and refined natural fruit oils, making it the most sought after product by top car collators.

The services offered at Brough & Howarth are far more complex than the usual car wash, with treatments raging from GBP 325 to the ultimate treatment called the ‘Brough & Howarth Effect’ which is priced a GBP 65 per hour and takes about 120 hours to complete. “Some of these vehicles are valued at over GBP1m and are pieces of art in their own right, so the correct car care methods are critical in maintaining their value,” stated Jason Brough, Brough and Howarth’s master polisher. “You can put a GBP5,000 bespoke, tailor-made suit in the washing machine and it would clean it. But you wouldn’t, would you?”

Yes, a point well made, Mr. Jason! But you see, most of us cannot afford a super car nor the pretty expensive car- wax to polish it. The reason, this particular car- wax is featured here is because, we can make fun of you rich blokes devising new ways to kill your time and money. And also, for all of us unprivileged ones, so that we can get together and weep, because we can’t even afford to buy a pair of matching socks, let alone a super car!

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