Mini Rocketman Concept

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Mini Cooper owned by the BMW has come up with a new concept car for the Geneva Auto Show. The new Mini is named Mini Rocketman. It is a serious futuristic design car with dimensions somewhat similar to the Indian Tata Nano. Where the Tata Nano is 10 feet 1 inch in length the Rocketman is 11 feet 3 inches in length. Considering the width and height Nano is 4 feet 9 inches wide and 5 feet 4 inches tall while the Rocketman is 6 feet 2 inches wide and just 4 feet 7 inches tall.

It looks small but it can comfortably accommodate a driver and two passengers and a fourth adult too preferably for shorter rides due to space issues. Sporting a three cylinder engine it gives an astounding 39.9 kms per litre fuel efficiency. Now that is Amazing!

On the roof of the car is a panoramic sun roof with the union jack etched in it, there are the traditional double hinge doors, the tail light splits to help with the luggage, the body has a carbon fiber frame construction, LED Headlight, Projector style tail lights and 18 inch light weight alloys. Apart from all this it also boasts a feature where one can remove the Central control unit configure it on a computer before the journey begins to update navigation destinations, the music playlist or contact details for mobile communications.

Hopefully it will be on the roads by 2013 becoming the 7th model in the Mini range. Now that we have the VW Bettle and the Fiat 500 in India, maybe in near future the Mini Cooper may also make way here.

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