MG Motor India Says Hello To Facebook; Uploads First Promo Video

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Morris Garages or MG Motors inaugurated their production facility in India in September this year. With a minimum initial investment of INR 2,000 crore and an initial capacity of 80,000 units, their first product for the market will roll out in 2019. A car brand which is nearly a 100 years old, MG has started to introduce itself to the people of India on Facebook as pop culture’s best mate. But that’s if they had to use five words. In four words, they say they’re particles in motion, and if it has to be two, they simply say that they’re MG.


MG’s India website has laid out a timeline, starting from the MG Old Number One, their first car which rolled out back in 1924 to the 2016 MG ZS, an SUV crossover. The Morris Garages brand already has a huge resonance in India with at least 500 owners in India since 1924, when the brand was first established in the UK. These owners and many passionate fans have expressed their curiosity, keenly anticipating the brand’s return to India. They say that the first product which rolls out of their Gujarat facility will blend MG’s true DNA with modern British design language.

In the UK, MG Motors has 3 models in its portfolio, the MG3 hatchback, the MG GS compact SUV and the MG ZS Crossover which does look like a strong contender for our market. There are also rumours that MG is looking to make a headstart with the new found electric wave in India and could introduce a hybrid SUV. Until now, there is no official statement about the form of their first product, but as late entrants, expect the carmaker to adopt a very different market strategy altogether.

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