Mercedes GLA 45 AMG to reach Indian showrooms on October 27

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We have taken a look at the GLA-series earlier and quite liked it’s blend of macho stance and undisputable German character. The car, in it’s Sports trim was quite brisk and had a unshakeable presence on our roads. But in typical German fashion, power is never enough. So when Mercedes-Benz asked it’s nuclear AMG regiment to spruce up the GLA, they were only too happy. Although AMG didn’t go all bonkers on this car by giving it a heart from a Blue Whale, they did fit a mini nuclear bomb under the bonnet. What the GLA 45 AMG gets, is a turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder petrol motor which is handcrafted by AMG and pumps out an astonishing 355 rampaging German horses to all four wheels of the car. To put that into perspective, a Ferrari 355 Berlinetta made around 375 horses back in the ’90s. Now, thanks to the crazy German, you can have similar numbers from a crossover SUV! Don’t we love them.


Those racing bucket-seats won’t be comfy if you’re too broad

The GLA 45 AMG also gets exterior touches to make sure that you don’t confuse it with it’s ”plain” family siblings. These include a redesigned front grille, aggressive bumpers (why not!?), sporty rear diffuser, beautifully finished quad exhaust pipes, mental 19-inch alloys and bright red brake calipers to show off your deceleration might.

The car would be officially launched for the Indian market on October 27 and would be a completely built unit. We would be covering the event live so stay tuned to Motoroids for all the latest news on this Mercedes. Do share your thoughts and opinions with us through comments below.

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