Mercedes Benz to launch the SLS AMG in India!

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Yes! You heard it right. The Gull-wing is on its way to burn rubber on the Indian streets. However, the car will be available to the very few who have the capacity to pay for it, blame the Import Policy for this. The bill for the car will weigh a little more than Rs 5 crore which will make this dream car remain in the dreams of all those who cannot afford it.

“The SLS will be available in India in the third quarter, though a date for the official launch has not yet been determined,” said Piyush Arora, Mercedes-Benz India director (technical) and board member.

Once the Right hand drive version of the car hits the German roads later in July, the car will soon be available in India. Mercedes has also reported that they have already got a few orders for the SLS AMG. Stay tuned as we dig out more info about the SLS AMG in India.

Source: Motorbeam

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