Mercedes Benz StarDrive to be Held in Delhi on 1st & 2nd September

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Mercedes Benz India is fast becoming aggressive with the marketing of its cars and we won’t be too surprised if it re-gains the crown of being India’s largest selling luxury car maker. The Mercedes Benz StarDrive will be now held in Delhi on 1st & 2nd of next month. The Slalom Course at Delhi, which should teach a few off road tricks to the participants, will be the first event of the Phase II of this series and is open to all the fans of German car maker’s M Class luxury SUV. The winner of Mercedes Benz StarDrive will get to meet famous bollywood star Farhan Akhtar.

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Pics Courtesy: Mercedes Benz India

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  • Prashant Rathore says:

    If "TATA NANO DIESEL " wanted to be popular famous successful like "RAJNIKANTH" then it should be really launched by january 2012 and i know it will really break all world records of sales of any 4 wheeler ever on earth anytime anywhere for next even 100 years this record will stay in hunt. mind and remeber my words right thing at right time brings right results !!!INDIAN public is very emotional so best time to cash in and catch in is january 2012.

    Hey Tata team i wanted to be first customer of TATA NANO DIESEL (TOP MODEL) in INDIA mind it it will break all world records if released and launched at right time in january 2012 ,The best time to Launch nano diesel is auto expo 2012 january 2012 then it can break all world records of selling any four wheeler on earth if TATA NANO TEAM and marketing and sales team understands the mentality and psychology of indian public they should launch Tata nano diesel version in january 2012 i m sure it will break all world records of any 4 wheeler sales anywhere on earth !

  • Viper says:

    hmm and it wont burn coming out of the showroom too, being diesel! clap clap! it will wait till it reaches the bunk! pun int.

  • Yatharth Chauhan says:

    A 700cc diesel ZMA…interesting.

  • Yatharth Chauhan says:

    The feeling is quite mutual as I too am getting almost similar figure from my Pulsar 220.