Mercedes-Benz India Rolls Out Its 100,000th Car

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India’s largest luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz celebrated a historic milestone of rolling-out of the 100,000th Mercedes-Benz for the Indian market, an E-Class. The car was rolled-out from the assembly line of Mercedes-Benz’s world-class manufacturing facility at Chakan, by Roland Folger, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India and Piyush Arora, Executive Director, Operations, Mercedes-Benz India.

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Mercedes-Benz was the first luxury automotive brand to enter the Indian market in 1994. The W 124 E-Class was the first luxury car in India’s modern era which rolled out of the assembly plant of Mercedes-Benz India in Pimpri, Pune. Since then, Mercedes-Benz India has been redefining the entire business of automotive luxury in the country.

Mercedes Benz India Rolls Out Its 100,000th Car

Today, Mercedes-Benz India has moved the facility to Chakan near Pune with an investment of INR 1,000+ crores, the facility is spread over 100 acres and is part of Mercedes-Benz’s Global Production Network. Mercedes-Benz India plays an important role in the CKD/MVP production network in Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. At these locations, Mercedes-Benz produces vehicles in various extension levels for domestic markets.

Since June 2015, Mercedes-Benz India also commenced production from its new expanded production facility located in the same premises. Giving a competitive edge in the dynamic market, Mercedes-Benz also boasts of the largest spare parts warehouse by luxury car manufacturer in India which can stock up to 44,000 parts.

Chronology of Milestones achieved:

  • 1995: First locally made E-Class rolls-out of assembly line
  • 2008: Mercedes-Benz rolls-out its 20,000 cars in India
  • 2010: Roll-out of 30,000 cars from the Chakan manufacturing facility
  • 2014: 50,000th Mercedes-Benz rolls out of the assembly lines in Chakan
  • 2018: 100,000th Mercedes-Benz rolls-out of the assembly line in Chakan
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