Mercedes-Benz inaugurates India’s largest parts warehouse by a luxury car maker and South Asia’s largest training academy

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Today, Mercedes-Benz India inaugurated the largest Parts Warehouse in the luxury car industry and also set up the company’s largest retail training academy in South Asia– christened as the Mercedes-Benz Academy. The Parts Warehouse and the Mercedes-Benz Academy were inaugurated by Dr. Till Conrad, Head-Region Overseas, Mercedes-Benz Cars at Daimler AG and Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Till Conrad, Head-Region Overseas Mercedes-Benz Cars at Daimler AG commented, “India remains one of the bright spots for Mercedes-Benz and this critical expansion of infrastructure and investment in retail training signifies our strong customer centric approach and long-term vision; which underlines our confidence in the Indian market. Mercedes-Benz is not only expanding its world-class infrastructure here in India, but also strategically developing the skill-set of its workforce, ready to capitalize the future growth of the luxury industry. We are glad to support such strategic decisions and are confident, that initiatives like these will make the India growth story more inclusive, making the brand future ready.”


Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, commented, “Creating the largest Parts Warehouse in the luxury car segment equipped with state-of-art technological processes, automations and also inaugurating South Asia’s biggest Mercedes-Benz Academy, are significant accomplishments for Mercedes-Benz India. These initiatives are result of our focused customer orientation that will help create a long-term value to our discerning patrons, giving us a competitive edge in this dynamic market. At Mercedes-Benz India, it remains our relentless endeavour to build-on to the strong foundation we have created for the brand, and further develop a sustainable future for our partners and employees. Investing in the infrastructure and also in people is a
hallmark of a fundamentally strong brand like Mercedes-Benz, and this strategic decision, will play a pivotal role in our future growth in India.”


Mercedes-Benz Parts Warehouse:

 The Parts Warehouse is spread across 16,500 Sq. Metres and can accommodate up to 44,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s)

 It is equipped with LED lights for energy saving with motion sensors

 Wi Fi provision around the entire warehouse for continual connectivity

 Multi-tier shelving system (G + 2 Levels) with in rack sprinklers in shelving system at every 3 meter

 10 outbound docks for loading and dispatching the material, 6 inbound docks for receiving materials

 50+ locations catered through newly built warehouse

 Modern Material Handling Equipment (MHE) like High Level Order Picker (HLOP), Low Level Order Picker (LLOP) and Reach Trucks (RT)) for efficient operations

 Spare Parts Automation (SPAN) update to showcase operational efficiency | SPAN 1.0 Wholesale – Spare Parts Automation @ Wholesale

 Systems designed considering future requirements in warehouse (with efforts towards paperless warehouse operations)

 World class equipment (RD devices) for operations

 SPAN mapped with modern MHE’s to improve operational efficiency

 Warehouse equipped with specialized safety features like VESDA (Very early smoke detection alerts), in-rack sprinklers, Air Handling Unit (AHU), etc.


Mercedes-Benz Academy:

Mercedes-Benz India now consolidates its Retail Training division and inaugurates its largest training facility in South Asia, christened as the Mercedes-Benz Academy. Mercedes says that the key objective of this academy will be to pursue the cultivation of knowledge and support retail manpower growth. Some of the key highlights of the Mercedes-Benz Academy are:

 Trainings for 225 participants per day at any given time

 Combi-bays: 4 Large bays that can accommodate 2 vehicles per bay, 2 small bays that can accommodate 1 vehicle per bay

 It hosts classrooms, aggregate room and an eLab

Mr. Roland Folger, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India with the GLS 400 4MATIC

Vehicle preparation Centre:

The VPC is created to cater to vehicle storing requirement of Mercedes-Benz India till 2024. At VPC, the vehicles are stored, maintained and prepared for dealer dispatches following the VPC guidelines laid down by Daimler. Apart from these guidelines, the system is subjected to Process Audits, Integrated Management System (IMS) Audits and various Inventory Audits. Mercedes adds that all the vehicles are subjected to stringent checks during take-over from production, periodic maintenance and SVC (Standard Vehicle Check) before dispatching the vehicles to the dealers. Some key highlights are:

 Use of an Unique Inventory Management Software which eases the monitoring of the movement of vehicles, their maintenance schedules and also this software has features such as Automatic UPN (Unique Parking Number) generation as per model and colour

 Entry is restricted only to authorized vehicles and drivers through automated boom barriers, digital board displaying parking occupancy status, etc.

 Automated key storage and vending machine for safety and faster retrieval of required key

 Automated Conveyor System for Automatic Car Wash Machine which removes human intervention while placing the car in Auto car wash

 State of the art Underground exhaust extraction system in workshop

 9 productive bays comprising 5 scissor lifts and 4 two post lifts and a facility to lift Guard vehicles

 Exclusive storage facility for VPC loose parts, welcome kits for customers

 A world-class paint booth, paint preparation station for paint repair jobs

 A supreme car modification centre to carry out value added jobs like AMG styling, decal kits, specialized car upholstery, specialized paints, other fitments etc.

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