Meet Spira4u- probably the world’s most eco-friendly car


Spira4u three wheeler car

When auto manufacturers around the world are focusing on hybrid or electric powered cars with minimal drag co-efficiency, Lon Ballard inventor of the Spira4u looked at creating something which was not only eco friendly, but also least fatal on the road.

Spira4u eco friendly car

Initially conceived nearly 4 years back as the Spira, timely improvements in the car which is now called as Spira4u.

To start with the body of the Spira4u is made of expanded polypropylene recyclable foam mounted over a fiberglass honeycomb shell which not only absorbs the shocks in case of a mishap, but also lets the car float (Nice!). The Spira4u is three wheel driven with one at the front and two at the back accommodating just one occupant. Controls are in the form of a v shaped steering with acceleration and braking provided by a gas and brake pedal connected to three discs.

Spira4u floating car

The Spira4u comes in two variants i.e. gasoline and electric. The electric Spira4u is powered by a 13.4 bhp motor with an option to install an extra motor at the rear wheel. Top speed of the 190 kgs Spira4u electric variant is 100 kph (62 mph) and runs 115 kms on full charge. An extra battery pack can be added to double up the range to 230 kms. The car could be charged through a regular household power outlet in a matter of 2 to 4 hours. Priced at US$ 9,000- the electric version also features a reverse gear and a rear facing camera.

Spira4u electric car

The 200 kgs Spira4u gasoline version comes fitted with a 150cc Wangye motorcycle engine with a top speed of 85 kph (53 mph). The 9.5 litre fuel tank renders a total range of 320 kms and is priced at US$ 5000 but misses out on the reverse gear and rear camera.

Spira4u foam car

The Spira4u is claimed to be extremely space saving in terms of parking and 8 cars can fit into one parking slot. How? See the image below.

Spira4u parking

And here’s a small slide show on the pretty little car.

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