Meet the Intrepid: XUV500 based remorseless, unabashed brawn

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Intrepid a XUV500 based remorseless, unabashed brawn (3)

This monstrosity is a streak of brawn based on the Mahindra XUV500. Called the Intrepid, it belongs to and is customized by Zubair Abdulla of “Hot Zone Racing Technology” Bangalore. Word has it that it recently clinched top honors at the MOC Car Custom Show in Bangalore.

Intrepid a XUV500 based remorseless, unabashed brawn (4)

The first thing you notice about this thing are those gigantic, farm-equipment specific tires that stick out and say hi- the regular sized front wheel arches found it hard to accommodate them so there was some shoddy, sheet metal cutting involved. Finished in matte black with red highlights, the exteriors are littered with all sorts of pretentious, off-road paraphernalia that screams overkill.

Intrepid a XUV500 based remorseless, unabashed brawn (1)

Up front, Mahindra’s trademark toothy grille goes for a toss and in comes a custom, horizontally slated affair with red mesh inserts. The front bumper is laden with a winch, integrated DRLs, a couple of red tow hooks and a few extra lamps which have been carved in it. More such lamps can be found stuck to the roof as well, including a blinding bar light. There’s also a snorkel, but we don’t think that works.

Intrepid a XUV500 based remorseless, unabashed brawn (5)

The re-worked bonnet now sports a few vents and gashes, while the glasshouse features some mysterious red tubing running over the windows. At the back, there’s a huge bolt-on jack, an extra can of fuel and a ladder to climb on to the cluttered roof. The rear bumper has DRLs stuck on it too, which is plenty odd. There’s also a sharp, ill-fitting spoiler atop which hosts-you guessed it- a couple of more DRLs. Man, this guy loves DRLs.

Intrepid a XUV500 based remorseless, unabashed brawn (2)

What do you guys think about the Intrepid? Would you be seen in such a contraption? Let us know in the comments section below.



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  • vijayakumar says:

    Its a costliest toy car that’s it.

  • I want one of this what’s the cost and how would I get one of it. My dream vehicle.

  • Sain says:

    He killed a beauty..overdone it n made it look odd.

  • ratnajoshi says:

    Its looking too yakki. The original is far better than this customised one and i don’t understand how it is honoured on show

  • Alpseee says:

    I would actually love to see it going over any of an over-standard bump… I bet its doors are gonna start flying and the tractor wheels eating up the seats. Where the hell is the wheel travel??? if there isnt any, then i really pity the occupants. Their faces are gonna be even more hideous than the car itself.