Meet India’s Most Economical Electric Scooter!

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The electric vehicle market is certainly on the rise and there are more players entering the market to get a piece of the EV pie. One such manufacturer is Komaki Electric Vehicle  Division a subsidiary of KLB Komaki Pvt. Ltd. had launched its XGT-X1 electric scooter last year. Now, you must wonder, why are we talking about this scooter after one year. Well, simply because it is an interesting scooter and it happens to be the most economical scooter in India. Yes, you can get a Komaki X1 scooter staring at ₹45,000/-. That’s cheaper than the iPhone XR’s base variant, isn’t that something to talk about?

More About the X1

The Komaki X1 is available in two battery variants, the first is the one with the Gel battery that delivers a range of 65km on a single charge and is priced at ₹45,000/-. The second has a Li-ion battery with a range of 90km range on a single charge and is priced at ₹60,000/-.  Both are low-speed scooters and do not require a license or registration. The scooters come equipped with a synchronized braking system and sized-up BIS Wheels to ensure a safer ride. Going the smart scooter route, Komaki has installed what they call IQ system which has some smart features like self-diagnosis, anti-theft lock, OTA updates, etc. Komaki is offering a warranty of 2+1 (1-year service warranty) years in its lithium-ion batteries and 1 year in lead-acid batteries. Besides this, the brand has a whopping range of 12 licenses exempted models and 3 high-speed registration models.

Komaki X ONE

Official Statement

Talking about the launch of their new model, Ms. Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Division, said, “Years and years of research and development went into the creation of this model, and we’re delighted to finally launch it in the market. As always, we’ve focused on affordability while packing the vehicle with amazing features that are exclusive to Komaki Electric Vehicles. Given how the petrol prices and pollution levels are rising, I believe it’s about time we start switching to electric vehicles. People are beginning to embrace the change and as the charging infrastructure gets better, we’ll see more and more electric vehicles on our roads. It’s indeed the future we should look forward to.”

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