Meet Honda Racing’s 109 bhp Lawn Mowing Monster

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Honda 109bhp Mean Mower-3

Though it would still do its duty of shredding grass in your lawn, but you would certainly love to do much more on this Mean Mower. Here’s the story- Top Gear called upon Team Dynamics- the people behind the championship winning Honda Civic at the British Touring Car Championship to transform Honda’s HF2620 lawn mower into a fire spitting mini monster.

Honda 109bhp Mean Mower

Swapping the stock 688cc OHV v-twin engine with a 996cc v-twin engine from the Honda VTR Firestorm 1000F motorcycle, Team Dynamics added a 6 speed transmission with paddle shifts, a new cooling system to take that extra horsepower heat, Scorpion exhaust, tuned suspension, a rack and pinion steering from the vintage Morris Minor and ATV wheels. What you get is a 109 bhp Lawn Mower that can hit 0-100 in 4 seconds and a top whack of over 200 kph.

Honda 109bhp Mean Mower-2

The modifications don’t end here- the Mean Mower claimed to the world’s fastest lawn mower by Honda comes with a racing bucket seat, rear axle from a golf cart and a 15 litre fiberglass tank to satisfy its drinking instincts at full throttle. Honda replaced the metal blades with two electric motors which at 4000 rpm would mow down your entire lawn like a tornado sweeping across a landscape.

It might not be good news for the neighbourhood, but lawn mowing suddenly seems an exciting affair. You might even take it on the back lanes and give those wannabe racer boys driving their dad’s hatchbacks and sedans some serious shock and sweating.

And there is a video as well as to why we’re calling it a fire-spitting mini monster.

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