Meet Brabus CLS 850; For those who find CLS63 AMG rather mundane!

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Just in case you find the Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG to be rather mundane and not fast enough in its stock avatar, you need to meet this, the Brabus CLS 850, with. . yes, you guessed it right, 850 horsepower!

The car you see here in this video was shot by Shmee150, and this particular model plays to role of being the poster car for Brabus. This example here boasts of an all-black finish, which makes this car a really cool ‘sleepeer’ by hiding all mods present on its body. Of course, you can flaunt this car’s performance credentials by flooring the gas. The only bad part we can really think of is that this car is good only for German drivers, who get the chances of legally maxing it out along with having all the technical support one might need.

Check out the Brabus CLS 850 video below:


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