Meet the Bonkers One-off Ferrari F12 that costs $4.2million!

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The already bonkers Ferrari F12 has gone crazier as images of a one-off Ferrari F12 Berlinetta have surfaced. This one could be called the F12 TRS. Created by Ferrari’s Special Projects Division, the car adopts targa, open top styling that reminds of the car in the movie ‘Speed Racer’ and looks surprisingly prettier and purposeful than the regular Berlinetta.

According to reports a wealthy American customer has paid $4.2million USD for this creation, an amount enough to buy Mongolia. The normal Ferrari F12 Berlinetta doesn’t come for candy money either, costing $1.4million USD apiece. The car could come with F1 styled KERS(Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which means the car will make more power for a short time, while it already makes 730hp from it’s 6.3 liter V12.


Many have termed the power output from the F12 as too much to handle, some calling it as hairy and too much for the road. The styling isn’t ground breaking or heart melting like the 458 either, however this Ferrari loyalist has made them transform the car, affirming the fact that love has the power to change, the cost sometimes might be too much though.

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