Maserati Levante Hybrid To Launch In India By The End Of 2021

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The Italian marque Maserati is known for its V8s which sound like a symphony when revved hard however it looks like the increasing restrictions and need for hybridisation has caught up with the brand. Maserati is all set to launch the hybrid variant of its Levante SUV. The brand does offer a 4-cylinder hybrid variant for the Ghibli sedan so the Levante will share the powertrain with it.

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According to the recent report, Maserati is planning to launch the Levante hybrid with a 2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine which is paired to a 48 Volt belt starter generator mild hybrid system. The 48 old hybrid system will assist the engine in starting from a standstill and it will be available only till a certain rpm range. The output of the engine is 325 BHP at 5,750 rpm and 450 nm of torque at 2,250 rpm.

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According to Maserati, the hybrid variant would weigh less than the six-cylinder equivalent or the eight-cylinder equivalent too. This would result in better weight distribution for the SUV. The company chose a mild hybrid solution rather than a complete plug-in hybrid powertrain so that they can keep the weight down to achieve better performance and handling while also not losing out on the typical feel of driving a Maserati. With the battery being placed at the rear, the Levante hybrid achieves an even better weight distribution than the petrol and diesel power plants. The SUV can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in a respectable 6 seconds flat and can hit a top speed of 240 km/h. The Levante hybrid is also set to replace the diesel variant globally due to being faster and more sustainable. The exterior will feature a few changes such as blue highlights for the side air ducts and blue brake callipers.

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The Levante hybrid will feature a four-wheel-drive system only and could be priced on par with the current engines but might turn out to be more fuel-efficient than the equivalent petrol variant. Purists don’t need to worry about losing out on the throaty V8 growl as the company has reassured that the sound will be a typical Maserati note with no artificial note emitted from the speakers.

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