Maserati boss describes electric cars as “nonsense”

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Harald Wester

It has been just a couple of hours that we posted about the world’s fastest electric car- the Detroit Electric SP:01 making its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show. But looks like Maserati boss- Harald Wester is not happy with electric cars in general saying that “All this discussion about zero emissions is nonsense. Nobody talks about the efficiency of how the battery is charged. It varies strongly from region to region, depending on how the energy is produced, nuclear, coal and so on, but even the best is not ahead of the internal combustion engine.”

Putting his statement into statistics, he says that an average power station efficiency implies an average electric car indirectly produces 86g of CO2 to travel one kilometer in Europe, 110g in the USA and 191g in China. He alleged that regulatory bodies have been biased in drafting regulations that creates a more favourable opinion towards the manufacturers.

As per Wester, Diesel and CNG are better viable alternatives if CO2 emissions are a matter of concern and invites for a CO2 target than simply endorse technology in the guise of zero emissions. Stating that owing to stringent emission legislations in the United States, Maserati would be forced to develop a hybrid powertrain- but this would only be to conform to emission norms than a business idea.

Concluding his views, he said “If we want a realistic solution to emissions then the regulators need to be more honest in how they calculate emissions. Electric cars are not the answer.”

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