Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Receives Well-Deserved Farewell From Vellore Postal Staff After Serving For 22 Years

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When an individual gets retired from a company, it is pretty normal for him to receive felicitation from the organization. But the case in consideration today is rather special because Vellore Post Office earlier this month bid farewell to their trusted companion – Maruti Gypsy after the vehicle served their office for 22 years! It was used as an inspection vehicle of the superintendent of post offices, Vellore, for over two decades. The vehicle, Maruti Gypsy M4410, was purchased by the department on March 24, 1999.

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They garlanded the automobile and sweets were distributed to everyone by the last driver of the vehicle. The employees saluted it and took pictures.

Maruti Suzuki gypsy farewell

“This is not a custom in our post offices but in Vellore, we wanted to make a difference by giving a warm farewell to the vehicle which has helped us reach remote villages and hilly areas. I have travelled in it for three years now. The vehicle was used by 25 Superintendents of the Vellore postal division during its entire service period. It was mainly used to visit post offices in hill areas including Jawadhu hills,” said P. Komal Kumar, the present superintendent of post offices, Vellore division. Mr. Komal Kumar explained that as per department rules, the Gypsy will be handed over to the Mail Motor Service and disposed of as per government norms.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy – the legend

The Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is an iconic vehicle for more than one reason. Its all-around utility and reliability have made it one of the longest-serving vehicles in the Indian armed forces. Such is its following that even after being commercially discontinued for almost two years now, Maruti Suzuki still keeps on supplying the army with large numbers of Gypsy.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Indian Army (1)

The Gypsy is powered by a BS4 compliant 1.3-litre petrol motor at its heart and its proven capabilities have served the Indian Army for numerous years, especially in mountainous terrains. This engine cranks out 80 bhp and 103 Nm of torque. The car comes with a four-wheel-drive setup as standard, and also gets a low-range gearbox.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy King

The universal selling point of Gypsy has been its low-cost maintenance and the fact that it has been with the forces for quite some time. This can be of crucial help in far-flung areas of the country where Indian Army personnel need to carry out patrolling duties. The car’s comparatively compact proportions and familiarity with its mechanics are added boons in hilly roads.

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