Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm 2010 – Scrutiny


Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm 2010- Scrutiny

Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm 2010

The day started off very early at 03:00 am, thanks to a fiasco at workplace, which set my cell phone abuzz in the wee hours. Once that was taken care of I somehow managed to get some decent sleep. When the alarm went on, I stirred myself up and was well on my way to the airport before my planned time. Manoj (Henceforth called as, MV) also arrived in time and we were on our way to Saddi Dilli. On arriving at Delhi airport, we walked directly towards to the red beauty. The Punto still manages to take my breath away every time I see her. We checked into the Mosaic hotel at Sector 18, Noida which is very close to the scrutiny point, and ceremonial flag off point i.e.-  The Great India Place. (A huge mall)

Once we checked in and settled down, we went for the scrutiny check, which is mandatory before we are declared eligible to race. This was a taxing experience since we had to go all over Noida searching for the recovery kit, which is made up of a spade, a rope, a few stickers and emergency rations. Finally, we managed to get the recovery kit after about an hour or searching. Next, in line was to install a GPS logger to show real time locations of the car which would be uploaded on the websites of the organizers. So as of now, we were all set for the rally.

Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm 2010

The Punto is quite a head turner. Everyone from kids to oldies take a second look at this beauty. Just standing at a distance from the car, and overhearing conversations regarding the Punto, makes my day. It was a real carnival atmosphere, with people showing off their beauties and blipping the throttles for the audience. All my life, I was a part of the audience, just an anonymous face with an awed expression. However, the tables had changed this time round. I was on the other side and I was going to be a part of this. It felt different and absolutely amazing. I’m totally loving it.


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