AARMS Motor Sports Organizes Vindhyachal Rally 2010!

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The Vindhyachal Rally 2010 will be held at Indore on the 28th of February, 2010. The event is a Time Speed Distance (TSD) car and bike rally that will be organized by an organization called AARMS (Association of Automotive Research and Motor Sports), Indore. With more than 5 years of experience in the field of motor sports, the organization has successfully organized various Indian Motor Sports events.

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The Vindhyachal Rally 2010 is the first off-road/on-road rally event of its own kind in Central India. In simple words, the rally is a thrilling track measuring about 200 km to be covered up in a single day, amidst the true natural beauty of Central India.

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The last date for submitting entries is on the 25th of February, 2010. However, entries will be permitted after the last date too, but at an extra cost. The last date for late entries is on the 27th of February, 2010. All license holders who are interested in taking part in this Rs 6.5 lakh budgeted event will have to send in their entries to the organizers before the closing date. The entrants will be divided in two categories namely Group A (4×2) and Group B (4×4). Entries will be on the first-come first-serve basis. A maximum of 50 entrants will be permitted in each group. Entry fees for both groups A and B are Rs 1500 and Rs 2000 respectively. However, late entry fees will be a bit more than the normal entry fees at Rs 2000 for Group A and Rs 2500 for Group B. So better hurry up before it’s too late.

Following are the details of the event:


Pasting of Event Posters /Hording             Tuesday 9/02/2010

Entry Start with Publication of SRs             Tuesday 9/02/2010 @1000 Hrs

Press Conference                             Tuesday 16/02/2010

Standard Entry Closes                             Thursday  25/02/[email protected] Hrs

Late Entry Closes                                      Saturday 27/02/[email protected] Hrs

Documentation & Pre-Event Scrutiny     Saturday 27/02/2010 @1500Hrs

Publication of Starters List                     Saturday 27/02/2010 @2000Hrs

Start of Event                                     Sunday 28/02/2010 @0930 Hrs

Closing Ceremony                             Sunday 28/02/2010 @ 1750 Hrs

The Route:
Total Length                                      200 km Approx
Off Road                                              120 km Approx
Maximum Permitted Lateness              15 mins
Location of Rally H.Q.:
From 27/01 to 27/02                              AARMS Office
On 28/02/2010                                      48 GF Scheme No. 54 Opp. Sayaji Hotel Indore
Number of Entrants, Classes & Groups
Maximum number of entries is fixed at 50 in each category on a first come first serve basis.
Group A Group B
4 x 2                                              4 x 4
>1000cc                                              >1000cc
Entry Fees (In Indian Rupees):
                Group A                              Group B
Normal 1500                                      2000
Late         2000                                      2500
All payments must be made by demand draft or cash in favor of Association of automotive Research and Motor Sports payable at Indore.
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