Man sets rental car on fire trying to kill bedbugs



Pro tip: If your car is overrun with bedbugs or any other creepy crawlies, don’t set it on fire. Don’t, just don’t do it, even if it is a rental. Instead, just stick to the scientifically proven formula of dousing them with alcohol.

New Yorker Scott Kemery learnt his lesson the hard way when he discovered that his rented Kia Soul was overrun with bedbugs. After soaking them in alcohol, the 44-year old man paused to light up a cigarette, conveniently forgetting how highly flammable alcohol can be. Kemery was able to escape the vehicle, but he suffered first- and second-degree burns in from the event, and was airlifted to the Stony Brook University Hospital. His rental car and two adjacent vehicles were destroyed in the ensuing fire.

That’s one costly way to keep your car insect-free.

Authorities said that they did not believe the fire was criminal in nature and that they were not going to pursue an investigation.

While there isn’t a bedbug ‘season’, experts say the insects seem to become more prominent during the summer months, but there is little data to support that. The insects can, however, develop from an egg to an adult in warmer temperatures, which may contribute to the perception the bugs increase during warm weather.

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