Man Modifies Rickshaw Into a Scorpio, Gets Four-Wheeler as Gift From Anand Mahindra


Next time you see an auto rickshaw with a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz logo on it, don’t laugh – the dude driving it might just land a Bimmer or a Triple Pointed Star. A man named Sunil from Kerala just received a Mahindra Supro Mini Truck from the big man at M&M, Mr Anand Mahindra himself. The auto rickshaw driver was so fond of the Mahindra Scorpio that he got his three-wheeled ride modded to look like the rugged SUV from the stable of the Indian UV Maker.


To Sunil’s good fortune, on March 19, 2017 someone who goes by the name Anil Panicker spotted the modded three-wheeler, clicked an image of it and Tweeted it to Mr Mahindra. The Tweet highlighted the popularity of the Scorpio in India, and how it captured the imagination of our people.


Impressed with the rickshaw driver’s passion, Mr. Mahindra immediately ordered his army of efficient personnel at M&M to find the man behind the wheel, err, handlebar of the rickshaw. He also promised a Mahindra four-wheeler as a gift to the man in lieu of his prized possession.


Capable, as the blokes at Mahindra have always been, they found the rickshaw ina a little more than a monthm replete with the man within as ordered by their boss . Mr Mahindra, then, the gentleman that he is, kept his promise and gifted Sunil a shiny new Mahindra Supro Mini Truck while also sharing an image of the man with his new four-wheeled ride on his Twitter account. What’s more, the auto-rickshaw has been given a place of honour in the Mahindra Museum.



Quite a story, that! It’s such compassionate and large-hearted acts that make Mr Mahindra such an icon in the eyes of this country’s youth.

Images Courtesy : Twitter accounts embedded within the post

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