Man from Delhi develops a hybrid Cycle-Rickshaw and another that purifies water


As a measure to reduce emission and preserve the only habitable planet we know, most auto-makers around the globe are busy dishing out plug-in hybrids and hydrogen powered cars, which leave behind pure water after combustion from the exhaust. Closer home, there are people in our country, who still walk miles for a few liters of water and most of the times, it isn’t potable. Then there are certain modes of transportation we still rely on, that involves a frail man, pulling people 3-4 times his weight, on a Cycle-rickshaw.

While most of us think about such instances for a moment and get over it, once our camphor like compassion is burnt away. A man in Delhi decided to use his brains and do something about the situation. Jaideep Singh, an engineer and founder of his firm ‘Utopia’, has developed a human-powered electric vehicle to make public transportation system eco-friendly and help differently-abled persons. He has transformed the pedal powered taxi, into a steerable vehicle, that has been designed for those who do not have hands and vice-versa for those without legs. It can run on electricity, manually and in hybrid mode and is a breeze to pedal.

The other innovation is a water-purifier kit that can be attached into any cycle or a cycle-rickshaw, which makes the water potable as the rider pedals forward. Talking to TOI, Jaideep says, “I have been working on this project for a long time and wanted to create a concept that would help these people gain confidence and earn a living. The meaning of Utopia is a perfect world where everyone is happy. The rickshaw idea was inspired by the hardships faced by the pullers. Moreover, accessing potable water is also problematic for rickshaw pullers and villagers. We have combined the problems and given a simple solution. We have won Ideathon conducted by global research company CapitalVia recently.”

You can help him in his endeavour by funding his novel idea, visit the website,

Source: ET

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