Mahindra XUV5OO Gets Some Long-Desired Updates

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The Mahindra XUV500 is easily among the most successful of SUVs from the popular Indian UV maker ever. The XUV is a runaway success right from the word Go and has been responsible for giving many a sleepless nights to the rivalling car makers.

Much of the XUV’s success can be attributed to its long features list, sufficiently potent engine and an attractive price tag. There are no two ways about the fact that the XUV5OO has been much desired and loved in our car market. However, there have been some areas where the XUV has left us wanting for more. For example, the car could have really done with higher refinement levels. Other niggles such as weird behaviour of the brakes and a infotainment screen that seems to have a mind of its own has marred the ownership experiences of some.

The good part is that the boffins at Mahindra are aware of these issues and have been busy working on solutions for these little problems. AutocarIndia recently reported that the low refinement levels have been well taken care of and more refined version of the Mahindra XUV500 has already gone into production at Mahindra’s Chakan plant.

Problems such as that of underperforming brakes have already been solved and the XUV now comes with better brake pads, a recalibrated ABS and brake booster. The clutch too has been updated with better performing seals.

The XUV5OO also gets better fit-and-finish levels to take care of the squeaks and rattles, which unfortunately are characteristics of almost all Mahindra UVs.

Finally, the suspension bushes have been replaced by units that offer a comfier ride.

It is nothing short of pleasing to hear that Indian manufacturers are waking up to customer’s demands and are doing their bit of work to improve on their products as per customer feedback.

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  • chandranshu dwivedi says:

    go buy a range rover for yourself

  • vj says:

    haha..mahindra waking upto the demands of indian customers..??
    issues like this should not be tested on the customers..they should have been ironed out from the factory itself.
    This is a clear case of testing their new products on the customers.
    Mahindra,tata & Bajaj are masters of this cheap method.