Mahindra to disband its Moto3 racing team

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In a surprising turn of events, Indian auto maker Mahindra Group has announced that it will disband its Moto3 racing team from 2015 and only focus on supplying motorcycles to other teams. The company feels that it has proven its point by making successful motorcycles in the Moto3 category and now only wants to concentrate on supplying motorcycles and provide technical support to other teams.

Currently, Mahindra Racing team supplies motorcycles to three other teams: San Carlo Team Italia, Team CIP and Ambrogio Racing. Former world champion Jorge Martinez’s team, Aspar, which will debut in Moto3 next season, will also use Mahindra’s motorcycles.


In an interview to PTI, SP Shukla, Chairman of the Mahindra Racing said, “Three years back we started to show how good our product is with our own team. Now we have three other teams using our bike, which shows the progress we have made. So from the 2015 season, we will not field our own team.”

He further added, “It is a natural progression for us, like other bike makers do. We will make and supply our bikes to other teams and provide them technical support. We don’t need our riders to showcase the strength of our bikes anymore. Although there is never a harm in having our own team, we thought it was better to focus on providing support to our customers than competing with them.”

Do you think it is a wise decision by Mahindra to discard its Moto3 racing team? Do you think that Mahindra should start using some of its Moto3 technologies for creating a better production motorcycle for the masses? Share your opinions through comments below.

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Source: PTI via ET Auto

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