Mahindra to Bring Back the Iconic Jawa Brand


Let me take you back to a time where bikes were powered by a small yet potent engine, where bikes moved very fast but would not stop very fast, a time where bikes were designed without any restrictions, no pollution norms existed, back in the good old days of the 60s and 70s. One particular brand of bikes which dominated this time period was the Ideal Jawa company bikes, sold in India by the Czech bike maker. As the years passed by and bikes started getting more complicated and norms started getting more strict and unfortunately, the iconic brand lost the battle and disappeared from the Indian bike scene in 1996. 

jawa motorcycle india

Even today, we see many enthusiasts who have taken enough care of their bikes and are still plying them on our roads, this enthusiasm for the brand may have made Mahindra buy the Classic Jawa brand which is going to make a comeback soon, how soon you ask? The twitter profile showcased a picture stating the comeback of the brand on the 15th of November this year. While there is no information on how many bikes the brand will offer, the company did reveal their new engine, a 293cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine which would churn out 27 bhp and 28 Nm of torque.

New 2018 Jawa 300cc engine (1)

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Going by the design of the of the engine, we believe the upcoming bike or bikes would try to recreate the iconic styling of the older bikes, the engine is decorated with faux cooling fins and gets twin exhaust pipes. Rumours suggest that three new bikes will be unveiled on that date which could share the same platform but provide three different riding styles and riding feel. Well its only a matter of time before we see what will be offered and if the same magic would be recreated. Stay tuned for the latest updates of the Jawa Motorcycle brand.

New 2018 Jawa 300cc engine (3)
New 2018 Jawa 300cc engine (2)

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