Mahindra Owned Pininfarina Reveals The Production Spec Battista!

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For those of you who may not know, the Italian design firm Pininfarina is owned by Mahindra. Pininfarina is known to design everything from Ferrari to even ‘normal’ cars. Pininfarina had announced that they are going to make a hypercar that will be closely related to the Croatian hypercar- the Rimac Nevera. Called the Battista, this beast is exclusive and mind-boggling at the same time. Let’s take a look at what is claimed to be the most powerful road-legal Italian car ever made:

pininfarina battista rolling

What is it?

The Battista was revealed last year in its prototype form and the production-spec is more or less unchanged. As a part of Pininfarina’s participation in the celebrated Monterey car week, the ultra-exclusive Battista Anniversario also appeared in public for the first time. Just 150 Battistas will be produced, 5 of which will be specified in the Anniversario trim.

pininfarina battista rear

The Anniversario trim gets a bespoke ‘Furiosa’ styling package and a two-tone paint scheme to celebrate Pininfarina’s 90th anniversary. The Battista comes with a 120kWh battery which gives it a range of 500kms and charging speeds of up to 180 kW. The Battista produces a ridiculous 1,900hp and 2,300 nm of torque with a quad motor setup where each motor is attached to one wheel. If the power figures astonish you, the performance figures will blow you away!

pininfarina battista front

Pininfarina says that the car is good enough for a 0-100kph time of under 2sec, 0-300kph in less than 12sec and reach a top speed of around 350kph. The Battista won’t be coming to India as it will only be produced in the left hand drive format. The car is going to be super-exclusive too with only 150 units being produced in total for USA, Europe and the rest of the world. The hypercar EV will go on sale in early 2022 and is estimated to be priced at a whopping ₹17.5 crores.

pininfarina battista interior

The Battista shares its powertrain and other components with the Rimac Nevera and the upcoming Lotus Evija. Pininfarina is also readying a high-performance electric SUV that is due next year. This model will be available in both left and right-hand-drive configurations.





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