Mahindra & Mahindra Could Introduce New Logo With The XUV700

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Automakers often participate in corporate rebranding strategies to restructure their identity which aligns with their new goals. Nissan, Renault and Kia have recently changed their logos which falls more in line with their brand identity. Now, it is said that Mahindra and Mahindra will unveil a new logo as a part of their new corporate identity of an ‘authentic SUV maker’. The new logo will be revealed ahead of the XUV700 launch and it will probably be the first product from the line up to carry the new logo.


The aim

The aim of changing the logo is to offer a new identity that aligns with the changing market dynamics connected and clean vehicles which appeal to the youth. The logo has been left untouched in decades so it seems like the XUV700 launch will be a perfect opportunity to reveal the new logo. The new logo will most probably be a square shaped emblem which the initial M in it. One of the company officials stated that the aim of Mahindra is to deliver ‘true-blue, no-nonsense SUVs that are true to the character’. The new brand rebuilding exercise has been in practice since the last year when Mahindra started carving a new path for SUVs. The brand launched the iconic Thar which is currently commanding a huge waiting period due to public demand. Apart from defining a new brand direction, the company has defined new product portfolio strategy, set up a new design studio, formed a dedicated EV team and followed a change in the organization and market structure. The XUV700 launch is a crucial part of the strategy.

xuv700 debut year

The new logo will help the brand to reposition itself in the minds of the consumers and create a shift of perception. This is even more crucial since the XUV700 will be a huge step up for not only the Mahindra but also the industry. With rumoured features like ADAS technology, the XUV700 will be the first Mahindra and the cheapest vehicle in India to get autonomous driving aids and technology. The Mahindra XUV700 will be revealed in the coming weeks so expect the new logo to be unveiled around the same time.


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