Mahindra gets sued in the States!

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I hope you remember what Chain Reaction means in Nuclear Physics. If not then let me clarify this for you. A chain reaction, as the name suggests is a series of reactions occurring one after the other.

Why I am talking about this is because this is the most appropriate term for describing what has happened with Mahindra. A simple chain of problems.

Mahindra wanted to sell pick-up trucks in the US. For this Atlanta based Global Vehicles was contacted and in the year 2006, they signed an agreement. Mahindra was to deliver the trucks by 2009. But then another problem arose. For selling something in the States its necessary to get a certificate from EPA, which Mahindra is facing trouble in getting. In this way Mahindra lost 2 chances in 2009 and one this year to launch their products.  GV on the other hand claims to have spent millions on preparing the dealers etc for the new launch. So ultimately, frustrated by this GV dragged Mahindra to the court. Anand Mahindra said that the charges filed are groundless.

Its a very critical time for both Mahindra and Global Vehicles, won’t it be better if they work things out between themselves before filing lawsuits? We hope this ‘American Dream’ comes to reality.

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  • sheel says:

    when can we expect the all new swift to come to India?

  • Albin says:

    @Akshay…I think you should not comment on any of the automobile forums. Even a kid knows that Maruti don't have a diesel engine and they use the Fiat 1.3 Multijet diesel for their swift, Dzire and Ritz.

  • @akshay says:

    Dude check your sources before you talk crap online.

    Maruti Suzuki still uses the 1.3 multijet diesel from the fiat(R13B).The diesel never was a K series engine.

    The K series just came in 1.2(K12M) and 1L PETROL versions and not Diesel.

    Motoroids cant you block such wannabe tech guru's ??

  • Akshay says:

    ""might not use the 1.3-litre MultiJet diesel engine form FIAT which powers the current Swift DDiS. However, the Indian version might continue using the FIAT engine itself.""

    Who writes this BS stuff ? The swift has been since long using K-series engines both petrol and diesel and the fiat MJD was dumped long ago, buckle up motoroids there is always some mistake or the other in your news outakes.