Mahindra Centuro Owner gets Motorcycle Back, Anti Theft System leaves Thief Frustrated


Mr. Longri I. Aier with his Centuro

In a recent incident, a thief trying to steal a Mahindra Centuro gave up halfway and fled only with the motorcycle’s golden ribs, abandoning the bike. Mr. Longri I. Aier, a resident of Dimapur, Nagaland reported the incident. A thief tried to steal his motorcycle by manipulating the engine wires and locking system, but the anti-theft mechanism prevented the thief from starting the motorcycle

In sheer desperation, the thief dragged the bike away and stole the golden ribs and the registration plate, leaving the bike by the roadside. The Dimapur police were able to locate Senup’s bike at a deserted location. The bike was later handed over by senior police officers to its rightful owner.


Motorcycle thefts are quite common in India, and in most cases it’s next to impossible to trace the stolen motorcycles. The aforementioned incident underlines the need for two wheeler manufacturers to offer anti-theft systems as at least an option to its customers. While Mahindra two-wheelers’ initiative of outfitting the Centuro with an anti-theft system is appreciable, we must point out here that even they don’t provide anti-theft systems as an option in all their two-wheelers. Since the incident highlights the utility of such systems on two-wheelers in India, it would be appreciable to see Mahindra two wheelers offers such systems on their other vehicles as well, and create an example for the rest of the industry to follow.

The owner of the bike Mr. Longri I. Aier later said, “I am very happy to be reunited with my stolen motorcycle as it’s impossible to ever trace stolen bikes in this part of the country. The anti theft mechanism deterred the thief from stealing my bike”.

Has any of your bikes ever been stolen? What do you think about the necessity of anti-theft alarms on Indian bikes? Do share your experiences, and do let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

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