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Mahindra & Mahindra has unveiled the Mahindra Adventure Calendar for Season 5. Mahindra Adventure functions as an umbrella brand with a series of adventure and motor sports events under it. Mahindra Adventure continues to unleash its spirit of adventure through a series of events spread across the year.

Here are the events lined up under Mahindra Adventure Calendar:

Mahindra Great Escape Official Images (22)

• Great Escape – The off-roading event (since 1996) continues to test the endurance of Mahindra’s 4×4 vehicles on diverse terrains. We have added two new locations, Chennai & Nagpur, and continue with the previous eight locations across India, where winners from these locations get to compete at the Mahindra Adventure Off-Roading Trophy.

Mahindra Bolero

• New Multi-Day Escape, such as Super South Drive – an epic drive through southern India, has been added. Other drives like Authentic North East (10 days) & Spiti Escape (7 days), which were added last year will continue along with the classics like Monastery Escape (Leg 1; Delhi- Manali-Jispa-Sarchu-Leh–Srinagar & Leg 2; Srinagar-Leh-Sarchu-Jispa-Manali-Delhi, for 10 days each), Royal Escape (6 day expedition celebrating the new year in Rajasthan), Tri- Nation Escape (Bhutan, India & Nepal – 14 days), Authentic Goa (The real Goa in 4 days) & Wild Escape (4 day foray into wildlife sanctuaries of Central India). These multi-day escapes celebrate incredible India and the sub-continent by traversing exotic and unexplored locations, thereby bringing the concept of ‘Adventure/Driving experience’ to a larger audience.

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• Mahindra Challenges like Spice Challenge (4 days) & Monsoon Challenge (3 days), which are TSD (Time Speed Distance) rallies are also planned, in tune with the company’s promise of providing adrenalin pumping challenges and promoting motorsport at the grass-roots level.

Here is the Calendar for Season 5:

Mahindra Adventure Season 5 Calendar
Great Escapes & Off-Road Trophy Date Expeditions Date Challenges Date
Shillong 30th May Monastery Escape Leg 1 27th June – 6th July Monsoon Challenge 1st – 4th August
Lonavala 11th July Authentic Goa 18th – 21st July Spice Challenge 12th – 14th Spetember
GOA 25th July Monastery Escape Classic Leg 2 11th – 20th July 2015
Nagpur 8th August Spiti Escape Aug 31st – 6th September
Sakleshpur 29th August Trination Escape 10th – 22nd October
Sakleshpur Off-road Trophy 30st August Authentic North East November 21st – December 1st
Kottayam 26th September Royal Escape December 26th- 1st January-16
Kottayam Off-road Trophy 27th September Super South December 26th- 1st January16
Chennai 10th October Wild Escape 8th February-15th February 2016
Hyderabad 25th October
Chandigarh 7th November
Gurgaon 12th December
Off-road Trophy Finals 14-15th January 2016
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