Madras Motor Sports Club Lays Down Guidelines For Racers To Resume Practice Post Covid-19 Lockdown

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With Covid-19 effectively shutting down everything for over two months. Things are gradually beginning to open up in Unlock 1.0. Also, Motor Sport events and practices had also been put on hold so as to avoid any sort of crowd gathering.

Now, Madras Motor Sports Club(MMSC) has laid down a few guidelines in order for racers to resume their practice. The MMSC is restarting ‘Pay & Practice’ testing as they are opening their tracks from 14th June, 2020. Only limited slots will be available on the basis of first come first serve. One thing that has been made clear is that no spectator will be allowed during this time.

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What Do The Guidelines Say?

As per the fresh guidelines, each participant has to compulsorily wear a mask as mandated by the Government at all times during their presence inside the Circuit premises. Those who are not wearing their mask will not be allowed inside. In case a participant is found symptomatic, he/she will be required to undergo a medical consultation and self-quarantine (if required). A declaration on their current health situation has to be signed by all and submitted at the security gate before entering (Pre-printed forms will be available at the gate).

The Club has advised the participants to check themselves before arriving at MMRT. If they are showing symptoms from before, they have been advised to stay at home. They have also been advised to carry their personal requirements such as their water bottles, hand sanitizer and Handkerchief.and asked to maintain social distance at all times. Only a minimum of testing personnel will be allowed to make use of the tracks.

Since the club is working with limited staff as per the Government guidelines they have asked for the participants’ cooperation and support their security team by allowing them to perform all their checks especially thermal screening. Everyone has been asked to arrive before the scheduled time.

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All vehicles and materials entering the Circuit should be clean and sanitized and parking will be provided in designated areas. People are also advised not to touch any objects or surfaces. The guidelines also added that the spitting will be strictly prohibited. However, they made one thing clear that MMSC will not be responsible for any legal/ Government requirements like passes, etc. for anyone’s personnel or vehicle to reach MMRT. For more details, visit the Facebook page of ‘Madras Motor Sports Club’ or contact the concerned authority.

This might turn out to be a piece of very good news for all the racers who have lost precious time and practice. With the Motor Sports season coming up shortly, riders will be anxious to get the taste of speed once again and regain match fitness.

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