Low-Cost Celerio MPV Rendered

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A Low-Cost Celerio MPV could be the next product from Maruti-Suzuki’s stables. This no-frills MPV based on the Celerio entry-level hatchback could give the Datsun GO+ and Honda Mobilio a run for their money.

Low-Cost Celerio MPV RenderedOf late, the MPV segment has been witnessing a significant boom in India. Apart from the old workhorse Toyota Innova, we now have lots more choices in the form of Maruti-Suzuki Ertiga, Honda Mobilio and the upcoming Datsun GO+. To grab the initiative in this segment, Suzuki might be looking at the option of introducing another MPV. The new MPV will be cheaper than the Ertiga.

Some time back, there were reports about Suzuki working on a 7-seater WagonR. This car was to be developed in Indonesia, as Suzuki has formidable resources over there. However, fresh information flowing in from Indoesia tells us that the development of a new low-cost MPV has been shifted to the Japan arm of Suzuki. Definitely, this points to the involvement of a platform and technologies not present in Indonesia currently. Could this be the low-cost Celerio MPV?

Low-Cost Celerio MPV Profile RenderedFew speculative renderings of such a vehicle have surfaced on the web. On the exterior, it looks exactly similar to a Celerio that has undergone a rear extension. There has been a noticeable elongation in the wheelbase too. While this might not be the exact case in the production version, it does suggest a few important points.

  • The Low-Cost Celerio MPV might share Celerio’s platform
  • It will be ultra cheap, and cater to entry-level customers
  • Instrumentation and interiors will be plain-jane
  • It might boast of the lowest price tag among all MPVs, if it sees the light of the day!

These are very early days to comment on the low-cost Celerio MPV. What is your view on such a low-cost MPV that could probably threaten the Honda Mobilio’s prospects?

Rendering via AutoNetMagz.com

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  • Abhishek says:

    When is the Celerio 7 seater MPV being launched in India? We’re hearing for long but ther’s no news yet

  • Sisir says:

    Of course new celerio based mpv looks much better than wagon r based one company should re think before launching wagon r mpv because celerio based looks perfect.

  • Satish says:

    Either it would be costlier to GO+ or inferior.