Long weekend boosts luxury rental car business

The slew of holidays saw a boom in bookings for rental luxury cars. Read ahead for more details.

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Time for the rental firms to earn their “dough” during this prolonged weekend.

Long weekends are something of a rarity, even in a nation that enjoys regular holidays. This weekend is one such rarity coming true, wherein, there’s Gandhi Jayanti, Dusshera, the usual weekend and Eid all clubbed together. Yay! This means many are opting to leave their respective cities to do some travelling. Many take the train or choose to jet-off to their destination. But, within them, there are certain folks who would rather choose to drive, either within their city, or outside of it. Either in their own car (if they have one), or rent a car (even if they have one). This means that car rentals see a huge influx of bookings.


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Many luxury car rentals saw an increase in demand of 70% for cars such as the Mercedes-Benz C-class and the E-class. With reasonable rates being asked for such high-profile cars, pretty much anyone can walk-in and drive away and bask in the glory of these posh German saloons. Most of these cars have already been booked for the weekend and the remaining slots are being filled-in quite quickly. Many have actually pre-booked these cars well in advance as they were quite aware of these upcoming holidays. A lot of these cars will ply on popular driving routes within the country such as Mumbai-Shirdi, Mumbai-Goa, Delhi-Agra etc. It’s not only Carzonrent that has witnessed a hike in demand, but similar firms all across India. Apparently, destinations like Manali and Rishikesh are hot picks.



Good offers are abound on the inter-web.

Some are of the conclusion that starting up a Luxury Car Rental Service is a neat and easy affair. Nothing could be further away from the truth. In reality, it is quite a tricky and “sticky” business to acquire the permits needed to run such a set-up. That said, once you go through the initial minefield of setting up the firm, these services will fetch you a constant influx of customers. And it’s not just Mercs, there are Maruti’s for rent, too.

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