LIST: Top 5 Best-Selling Four Wheeler Brands Of August 2019

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With the current market slow down and various other economic factors affecting the sales of 2 and 4-wheelers, the Indian automotive market is not able to generate profit, which means car companies are not able to perform as good as they did in the last few years. Apart from that, the number of customers has also drastically reduced and people are not able to purchase vehicles due to factors such as rising fuel prices and expensive repair costs. Let’s have a look at the top 5 companies which have managed to stick to their best-selling positions in the Indian market, despite facing losses in August 2019:

best selling cars in august


India’s best-selling brand, Maruti Suzuki has many popular cars in its lineup, like the Baleno, S-Cross, Ciaz and many more which have managed to fetch Maruti a total sales of 93,173 units in August 2019. However, Maruti had sold over 1,45,624 units in August last year, which is almost 36% more than the current sales figures.

  • Sales in August 2019: 93,173 units
  • Sales in August 2018: 1,45,624 units
  • Growth: (-36%)

Maruti Suzuki Swift front quarter


The Korean brand, Hyundai, is one of the most successful foreign brands in India. Hyundai has been able to hold on to the 2nd spot in the Indian market for a long time now. The brand was able to sell a total of 45,801 units in August last year but has just managed to sell around 38,205 units in August this year. This is a 17% decrease in sales when compared to last year.

  • Sales in August 2019: 38,205 units
  • Sales in August 2018: 45,801 units
  • Growth: (-17%)

Hyundai i10 NIOS 6


Mahindra specializes in making SUVs and its latest launch, the XUV300, played an important role in the brand’s revival in the Indian market. Mahindra sold over 18,037 units in August last year and over 13,147 units in August 2019, which is a 27% decrease in sales.

  • Sales in August 2019: 13,147 units
  • Sales in August 2018: 18,037 units
  • Growth: (-27%)

Mahindra XU300 Automatic Review In motion


Japanese automotive giant and the 6th-largest company in the world, Toyota, has managed to make it to the top-5 list of best-selling cars in India, especially because of the Innova Crysta and the newly launched Toyota Glanza. Toyota had managed to sell over 14,136 units in August last year and has now managed to sell around 10,701 units in August 2019. This results in a 24% decline in total sales.

  • Sales in August 2019: 10,701 units
  • Sales in August 2018: 14,136 units
  • Growth: (-24%)

Toyota Camry Hybrid Review front wuarter side


Honda is the second Japanese company and also the latest entrant in the top 5 list of best-selling car brands, as it replaces Tata Motors and climbs up the list. Honda managed to sell 17,020 units in August last year and over 8,291 units in August 2019. Resulting in a 51% decline in total sales.

  • Sales in August 2019: 8,291 units
  • Sales in August 2018: 17,020 units
  • Growth: (-51%)

Honda WR V front quarter

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