Lexus V-LCRO technology does more than just connecting man with machine!

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Lexus has introduced a so-called groundbreaking V-LCRO Technology for their customers. Taking the concept of connecting man and the machine a bit too far, the automaker has designed a driver seat and a man suit that can stay glued to each other in various demanding driving conditions. The new V-LCRO technology has been created by the automaker in partnership with Velcro Companies. This new interior option is introduced for the Lexus RC F and GS F performance vehicles.

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Dubbed as the Variable Load Coupling Rear Orientation (V-LCRO) technology, the new advancement is said to enhance performance by allowing the driver to take turns more aggressively while significantly reducing movement across the back and seat. While explaining about the new technology, Brian Bolain, GM, Lexus product & consumer marketing said that performance cars use seat bolsters to hold a driver in place during hard-hitting, manoeuvres, but the new V-LCRO tech is claimed to be more effective that the bolsters.

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The concept is simple; it is the high-performance version of the basic house hold technology all of us have been using for decades. The everyday hook and loop fastener, or as we call it the Velcro,has been implemented as a tool to keep the driver adhered to his/her seat. The seat is fitted with Velcro granted adhesive panels that have a holding power of 15 pounds per square inch and the other half of the Velcro equation is to be worn by the driver. In the presentation video from Lexus shows a smartly suited guy testing the technology, wearing one of the exclusive custom-tailored suits created to complement the design of the RC F and GS F. The fashion line connects with the V-LCRO driver’s seats, both in form and function.

Here is the presentation video of the Lexus V-LCRO technology!

Happy April Fools’ day!

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