Leaked: New Dominar UG 400 Priced at INR 1,73,840, Ex-Showroom

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A couple of days ago, we had reported that the new Dominar UG is expected to be priced around the INR 1.75 Lakh mark. Thanks to a comprehensive price list, courtesy of our reader Neelesh Bajaj, we now know the official price of the updated tourer. One can see that the ex-showroom price of the motorcycle is at INR 1,73,840. This is a pan-India ex-showroom price and you will have to part ways with as much as INR 2,22,689 to bring this lovely motorbike on the road. This represents a hike of INR 10,000 over the current model. For the extra INR 10,000, you get a bunch of equipment, justifying the price hike completely and the Dominar still retains its value for money character.

Bajaj Dominar leaked price list

This update comes with a number of small changes, the sum of which has a huge impact on the motorcycle. The first thing to grab your attention would be the new front suspension unit. Finished in a rather nice colour, the Dominar finally gets a USD setup, which brings it up to mark with the competitors. You will also spot a new exhaust system, which looks sleeker than the one on the current model. This new exhaust is not only lighter but combined with the new DOHC setup and the raised compression (12.1 from 11.3) ratio of the engine gives some serious power gains as well. The 373.2 cc, single cylinder engine now generates 40 PS of power, the torque figure, however, remains unchanged at 35 Nm.

2019 Bajaj Dominar side profile

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Apart from these, the Dominar also gets some ergonomic changes, which make the bike more comfortable on a long journey. The dual screen setup also is revised and provides you with a lot of information, including fuel efficiency, distance to empty and some more. Unlike earlier, you would not be able to get a non-ABS model as the upcoming government regulation makes it mandatory for bikes to have ABS. To know more about this lovely motorcycle, do watch our in-depth review video which has been linked below and stay tuned for more news from the Indian automobile scene.