Leaked Clay Scale Model Reveals How The Upcoming Road-Focused RE Himalayan Could Look Like

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It hasn’t been long since we presented an exclusive report on the road-focused RE Himalayan. Apparently, Royal Enfield is readying a new variant of the Himalayan and it was caught testing by one of our readers a couple of days back and now, a leaked clay model of the same variant is doing rounds on the internet, revealing some more key details. It also helps us in speculating the looks of the upcoming motorcycle.

While we had to scratch our heads a little to make out the changes from the spied test mule, the aesthetic and mechanical differences are more pronounced in this clay scale model. The overall characteristics of the Himalayan have been retained but there are quite a few tweaks here and there to mark the difference.

Royal Enfield Himalayan clay model

Changes explained

Starting from the front end, being a road-biased variant, it gets smaller wheels as compared to the standard Himalayan. The current iteration of the Himalayan boasts of a 21-inch front wheel while this unit appears to be 18-inch. The exact size of the wheel should be revealed when the actual motorcycle is officially out. Also, the test mule that was spied earlier was devoid of fork gaiters but the clay model featured here gets the fork gaiters. The windscreen, however, has been shown the way out, just like the test mule. Moreover, the Himalayan’s signature exoskeleton has made way for newly designed tank shrouds. We can see them in the picture bearing “411” numbering.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Spied

Another big change in the road-focused Himalayan is the redesigned instrument cluster. Earlier this year, the standard Himalayan gained a comprehensive instrument console with a Tripper navigation pod but it looks sort of a little too cluttered. RE might go ahead with a simple arrangement of the gauges for the road-focused Himalayan, similar to what we have seen on the Meteor 350. To make up for the eliminated space, RE has included a redesigned headlamp cowl. Apart from that, the pillion grab rail is different and there’s no rear luggage rack.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Spied (1)

These cost-cutting measures will definitely help RE in bringing the costs down and hence, making this road-biased variant more affordable than the current Himalayan. If RE goes down that road, it will assist the brand in luring in more potential customers who think that the current Himalayan is a little too hardcore for their taste.

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