Lamborghini Aventador featured in next Transformers flick!

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Lamborghini Aventador Transformers images 1

Seen here on this page is the final, full-length trailer of the next chapter in the world of Transformers- Transformers: Age of Extinction. Quite obviously, we are pretty excited about the upcoming Transformers flick.

Here’s a quick lowdown on the highlights of this movie —

  •     The humans building Galvatron.
  •     Lockdown transforming from Lambo mode to menacing robot mode.
  •     Another look at old-school, cab-over Optimus Prime.
  •     Redesigned Optimus Prime driving through Monument Valley.
  •     Prime getting his ass kicked by Lockdown.
  •     What appear to be Ratchet’s final moments.
  •     Grimlock breathing fire.
  •     Grimlock spearing Stinger with his tail, ripping him off it with his mouth, and throwing him.

Here’s the Transformers: Age of Extinction final trailer —


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