Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike With 250KM Range Teased

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The name ‘Komaki’ might sound like a new entry into the market, but this brand has been an integral part of the automobile industry for years. With an experience of over 34-years in making bearings and driveshafts, the Japanese company; ‘KBL Komaki Pvt Ltd.’ entered the EV business in 2016, under the ‘Komaki Electric Vehicle Division’ moniker. Ever since the brand is renowned for its service and low-cost solution to electric two-wheelers. Komaki has been selling its electric scooters in India as well, and now it wishes to increase its market reach by launching an electric cruiser-style motorcycle.

India’s first electric cruiser bike

Komaki has recently announced that it will be launching India’s first electric cruiser bike in January 2022, and it will be christened “Komaki Ranger”. Though the brand has not revealed the look and complete details of the bike, it has indeed given some specs to satiate our curiosity.

Komaki Ranger 3

Being a cruiser, the bike will offer a good range and the company claims that the 4kW battery pack has enough juice to push the ranger for 250Km. It will be powered by a 5000-watt motor, but the power figures are still kept a secret. In terms of features, the ranger will be equipped with cruise control, repair switch, reverse switch, Bluetooth system, and an advanced braking system.  

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The company also claims that despite all these features, the bike will be offered at a fairly low price to make it more accessible to the common man.

Official Statement

Addressing the media regarding the launch, Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Division, said, “The Ranger is going to be a game-changer as it is India’s first-ever electric cruiser. There are some things that need to be finalized but we have decided to keep the price affordable. We want everyone – especially the common man – to experience the joy of riding a quality cruiser that is made in India. Komaki has invested more than 1 million USD in the design and development of ranger. We have left no stone unturned to make sure that Ranger comes out as our masterpiece, and we hope that it’ll be received with love once it rolls out in the market.”

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