Kazam To Install EV Charging Stations In Societies

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It doesn’t really matter how many new EVs get launched every day as long as we don’t have a reliable charging infrastructure to lay our backs upon. Another player has joined the bandwagon to boost the EV charging infrastructure in India. Say hello to Kazam, which will build an accessible and reliable network of EV charging infrastructure. Kazam was established in 2020 with the mission to make renewable mobility accessible to all. Now Kazam has joined hands with ADDA Discover for Association platform to deploy charging stations across 1000+ residential societies.

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The strategic empanelment falls in line with Kazam’s commitment to making renewable mobility accessible to everyone by installing charging stations at common spaces in residential areas in a bid to encourage people to adopt Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Home charging stations

Home charging is a highly convenient method and will gain immense traction as the EV market grows, and Kazam aims to propel this growth. In the last few months, Kazam has set up 200+ charging stations in 11+ states. It has also collaborated with over 100 enterprises, with these numbers constantly rising. Kazam was also recently impaneled in BAF (Bangalore Apartments Federation) for deploying charging stations across Bangalore. Purva Venezia, Shobha Dream Acres, Mahaveer Riviera, and Purva Sunflower are just a few residential societies where the platform has installed charging stations.

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Official statements

Akshay Shekhar, Co-founder of Kazam, said,” One of the primary reasons people are currently hesitant to switch to EVs is the lack of adequate charging infrastructure and the range anxiety that comes from it. Setting up a home charging unit, with good planning and cooperation from EV charging infrastructure providers, can be a convenient, seamless way of charging EVs and can drive EV adoption further. We are thrilled to have been chosen by the Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF). This association will allow us to make smart and affordable charging solutions easily accessible to help India overcome its charging infrastructure challenges.”

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The Spokesperson of ADDA said,” ADDA is dedicated to enhancing community infrastructure and supporting the eco-friendly choices of residents. Kazam’s innovative technologies will ensure that electric vehicle charging stations are available across the country, making the entire EV experience smooth and convenient for EV owners. Furthermore, it will also encourage more people to take the EV route, building a sustainable mobility ecosystem. We are pleased to be a part of this journey with them and look forward to a fruitful association.”

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