Kawasaki ZX-25R With Yoshimura Exhaust On A Dyno Run Sounds Satanic


In the past few months, we have gone on and on about the Kawasaki ZX-25R but don’t blame us! Blame the folks over at Kawasaki who built this maniac motorcycle. It is by far one of the most intriguing quarter-liter sportsbike we have witnessed so far. The stock ZX-25R is a thing to behold but Kawasaki Indonesia is working on a tweaked version, making it even more ballistic. In our previous report concerning this Japanese sporstbike, the ZX-25R was teased with a Yoshimura exhaust and now we get to listen to how the exhaust sounds on a dyno run. We just have one thing to say, plug in your earphones and let it send shivers down your spine.

How does it sound?

Dyno run requires a motorcycle to run on full chat so as to determine the peak power output and other performance figures. We were quite pleased by the stock setup of the ZX-25R but the moment we heard it on the Dyno with a Yoshimura exhaust system, we knew that even the God of Thunder is going to applaud this monster. Most of us motorcyclists are pretty much concerned about the way our motorcycles sound. We want them to please our ears as we whack the throttle open and let them sing on wide-open roads. Manufacturers too, get this aspect, the reason why they have dedicated sound engineers in order to give the riders the aural pleasure they are looking for.

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The Kawasaki ZX-25R is among the sweetest sounding motorcycles that we have come across and that includes some big guns as well. It might not be able to compete with the big guns in terms of performance and other aspects but when it comes to the aural experience, with the Yoshimura HeptaForce titanium system, it does manage to ruffle some feathers. As soon as it gets fired up, it settles in a rather bassy idle, giving away the fact that there’s a fire-breathing four-cylinder engine under that compact packaging. Nirvana is achieved when it is being tested on the dyno with its throttle being whacked open. The experience then becomes ungodly as the ZX-25R hits the limiter. One would actually think of exorcising the ZX-25R after the dyno run because it sounds like it is possessed by Satan himself.

Kawasaki ZX 25R Yoshimura Exhaust Sound

With the Yoshimura exhaust, the weight is expected to come down a little while on the performance front, it is definitely going to perform better than the stock. This ZX-25R from Kawasaki Indonesia recently shed its standard bodywork and dressed up in expensive, carbon fibre panels. The expansive transformation included the rear cowl, the front fender, the entire fairing assembly, fuel tank, belly pan and the chain guard.

The complete specifications of the ZX-25R aren’t out yet but we can safely assume that it will definitely cross the 50 hp mark and with the Racer Custom we can expect that the number will go higher up. There are two reasons why we won’t be able to sleep tonight. 1) The sound of this ZX-25R is going to haunt us. 2) Because the chances of it coming to India are very slim.


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