Kawasaki Ninja H2 crash: More images and details emerge, another crash reported


Kawasaki Ninja H2 Demo Bike Crashed - South Africa

New image of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 crash in South Africa

Our earlier report of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 crash caught great attention and sparked a debate on whether such ultra powerful superbikes are safe for public roads. The details about the location of the crash were earlier unknown. While some readers expressed their concern about the condition of the rider, a few pointed out the location of the crash. After some research and comparing the new photographs shared by our followers with the earlier image, we found out that both the snaps were of the same Kawasaki Ninja H2 and the crash indeed took place in South Africa.


First image of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 crash

According to the latest inputs from SuperBike Magazine, the rider of the above Kawasaki Ninja H2 is alive and recovering after sustaining injuries from the crash. The motorcycle, however, has been damaged beyond repair and it is unlikely that this particular example of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 will hit the roads again.

Edit: In the meantime, here’s a comment we got on our previous post from someone who knows the rider

Hi there Suvil,
Thank you for being the only concerned person to ask about the rider, hence I chose to respond to you!
It happened in Durban, South Africa on Sunday, 7 June 2015.
He is in the intensive care ward still in critical condition. Please may I ask all to keep him in their prayers.

We earnestly hope and pray that the injured rider recovers soon enough.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Accident - 2

Another crash of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 which reportedly claimed the rider’s life

Meanwhile, another crash report of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 has been reported from Croatia. Rene Amistani reports that a Kawasaki Ninja H2 rider lost control on the mountain roads and crashed into two bicycles. Amistani also reported that the 46 year old rider was not so lucky and could not survive the crash.

The sight of these crashed examples of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 are heart-wrenching and loss of life in such mishaps is indeed grieving. You can add your thoughts about these wrecked motorcycles through comments below. We will soon start a new thread to invite your thoughts on a highly debatable and controversial topic. Stay tuned!


  1. The relevance, my friend, would be, that if such an accident occurs in South Africa, then the chances are more that this will be more deadlier in India. Superbikes need special learning lessons. Neither Indian roads nor the Indian riders in general are yet ready for the superbikes here.

  2. Clearly, these supercharged motorcycles are intended for experienced riders. They should be out of reach of novice riders, and I would even say that a racetrack riding experience should be required.

  3. Its not that bud, bikes can be ridden anywhere but one should take extreme care and measures. God bless the rider that lost his life. I pray the former one to recover up soon.

  4. Did you even notice that the article clearly mentioned the place of accidents as “South Africa” and “Croatia” respectively? Or, okay, you may want to point out something relevant to the article. If so, can we please know what relevance does your comment have in the context of this article?

  5. I don’t think that we need supercharged bikes in India. Indian roads are not made for superbikes.


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