Jeremy Clarkson Gets Busted For Speeding


Every month, Jeremy Clarkson is in the news for some reason. Jeremy and his TopGear team got chased by a mob of thousands in Argentina recently due to a number plate which caused a huge controversy. Now, the TopGear host is in news again for over-speeding.


Jeremy Clarkson says he will have points on his licence for the first time in 30 years after he was caught speeding. Writing in the Sun, Clarkson said he had been caught by a fixed camera while travelling between Whitby and London.

He said: “Sadly, I was going too quickly for the speed awareness course to be an option.” He further said that he had written last month in “blind fury” about the number of speed cameras on the route. “Well, it seems one of them got to me,” he added.


Jeremy Clarkson (aka Jezza) hosts the TopGear show along with Richard Hammond and James May. The show is the most widely watched factual television programme in the world. The presenters travel all over the world for shooting the episodes and also shot in India for a Christmas special episode.


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